Xerra generates 3D high resolution quantitative white light and fluorescence images from individual 2D sections.
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How It Works

Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) is an ex vivo molecular tissue imaging technique that allows the visualization of cell clusters, isolated organs, and whole animals. Emit Imaging’s suite of software and instrumentation, takes CFT to the next level. Built on upgradeable technology, Emit Imaging delivers transformational innovation. A technology powerhouse.

Xerra is a powerhouse.

Xerra houses a 12MP high resolution camera, a 10 micron slicer, 6 lasers, 7 interchangeable emission filters, a refrigerated storage, and powerful software. In. One. Single. Platform.

Xerra is automatic.

Xerra automatically slices, images, reconstructs or renders in 3D and analyzes data sets. By performing as many as 1000 scans per specimen, Xerra extracts exponential volumes of data from a single sample.

Xerra is versatile.

Supports 3D fluorescence imaging from 470 nm to 850 nm, including visualization of a wide range of fluorophores (Alexa family, BODIPY family, FITC, Cy family, Rhodamine family, SYBR family and many more). Xerra can accommodate a wide range of sample sizes – from cell clusters to whole animals. ​

Xerra is cost-effective.

Xerra has a one-stop automation that replaces many weeks of lab work, tissue processing, microtome slicing, slide preparation, and expensive consumables.

High level workflow with Xerra
High level workflow with Xerra
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Xerra Workflow

How To Prepare Samples For Xerra

1. Whole tissue is embedded in the block.

2. The block is mounted in the system and Xerra is started.

3. Camera images the block in Fluorescent Light and White Light.

4. Tissue is sliced and imaged, hundreds of times. Sections can be collected at any point.

5. Image stack is corrected and reconstructed into 3D model and analyzed.

Optimized Functionality for Preclinical Research

Configurable White Light and Fluorescence Imaging

Flexible Sample Imaging Parameters

Onboard Data Handling and Study Monitoring

Image Analysis and Quantification

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