Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography​
An imaging technique that captures 2D fluorescent and white light images ex vivo serial sections and compiles them into 3D images
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Introducing Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT)

Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) is a volumetric, molecular tissue imaging technique that allows the visualization of labeled drugs and fluorescent proteins in organs and whole animals.

Images of the anatomy are acquired alongside fluorescence images that can be displayed in 3D for high resolution and high sensitivity visualization of biodistribution and pharmacoexpression.


CFT Fills the Void Across Imaging Modalities

Prior to CFT, an imaging gap existed between subcellular/cellular microscopy and whole-body imaging modalities like MRI, PET, CT. What was needed? A bridge between cellular, tissue and whole-body imaging that could all be found on one platform: CFT.



High resolution CFT allows for detailed imaging of samples over several orders of magnitude. In comparison, other imaging modalities can only focus on subcellular structures or low-resolution images of whole bodies or specific regions.

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