3D High Resolution Fluorescence Imaging as a Complimentary Assay to In Vivo Gadolinium-Enhanced T1-Weighted MRI and Bioluminescence

Farhoud M, Brevard M, Dimant H, Holt R, Nguyen QD


World Molecular Imaging Congress 2020, Oct 7-9, Virtual.


Macrophage tracking using multi-modality 3D imaging in xenografts

Dimant H, McConville P, Orcutt K, Holt R, Mikule K, Wilcoxen K, Lister D, Aherns ET


American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2020, Jun 22-24, Virtual.

A Streamline Approach for Assembly, Reconstruction, Visualization, and Management of Mesoscopic Molecular Tissue Imaging Data

Huang W, Zakrzewksi P, Tricot B, Tobon G, Toddes S, Farhoud M


Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2019, Apr 16-18, Boston.


3D Visualization of the Cardiac Conduction System through GFP Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) Imaging

Huang W, Zakrzewksi P, Tricot B , Tobon G, Toddes S, Farhoud M


World Molecular Imaging Congress 2018, Sep 15-18, Seattle.


Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography as a New Tool in 3D Visualization Cryo-fluorescence Tomography as a new tool in 3D visualization of tumor heterogeneity, metastatic proliferation and immuno-oncology.

Brevard M, Farhoud M, Dimant H, Holt R, Rosenthal EL, Sahagian G, Nguyen QD


American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2018, Dec 4-7, Las Vegas.


Visualizing Tumor Metastasis Throughout a Whole Mouse Using 3D Ex Vivo Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT)

Brevard M, Fang M, Farhoud M, Holt R, Sahagian G, Dimant H


World Molecular Imaging Congress 2017, Sep 13-17, Philadelphia.


3D Assessment of Antibody Distribution within Clinical Tumors using Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography

Dimant H, Holt RW, Polyak I, Teraphongphom NT, Kong CS, Gomez AJ, Hassan A, Hong SS, Ertsey R, Ilovich O, Rosenthal EL


World Molecular Imaging Congress 2017, Sep 13-17, Philadelphia.


Development and Optimization of Standalone Multi-Wavelength Fluorescence Add-on for a Cryoslicer

Holt RW, Qutaish MQ, Hesterman J, Polyak I, Diep P, Hoppin J, Frangioni JV, Verma A


Optical Society’s Annual Biomedical Optics Conference 2016, Apr 25-28, Fort Lauderdale.

Multi-modality Imaging Study to Determine AAV Bio-Distribution Compared to AAV Transduction in Whole Animals

Dimant H, Gandhi A, Holt R, Pannem S, Polyak I, Collins S, Hesterman J, Patzke H, Soper J, Kells A 


Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders 2019,  Dec 10-12, Boston MA.

CD4 T Cell-Driven Response to Immunotherapy Against Mouse B78 Melanoma Tumors

Erbe AK, Feils AS, Hampton A, Spiegelman D, Tsarovsky N, Hoefges A, Carlson PM, Pieper A, Haertle C, Heck M, VandenHeuvel S, Frankel L, Zebertavage L, Heaton A, Morris ZS, Patel R, Rakhmilevich A, Sondel PM


American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2023

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