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Monitor drug PK/PD in 3D with high resolution and sensitivity
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CFT for Drug Discovery and Delivery

Cryo-fluorescence tomography (CFT) is an ex vivo, volumetric tissue imaging technique used to monitor the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) of drugs and delivery vehicles with high-resolution and sensitivity. Images of the anatomy (white light) are acquired alongside fluorescence images that are displayed in a 3D visualization of the drug and/or delivery vehicle biodistribution.

Example: AAV-Mediated Protein Expression

IV Administration

Findings: CFT uniquely achieves the required combination of resolution and sensitivity in a whole animal.



  • GFP expression at day 15 following IV injection
  • No expression in the control
  • Liver is major organ where GFP expression occurs but protein expression is observed throughout the body
  • Note signal in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) and heart, which is consistent with AAV9 tropism
AAV9 Control; AAV9-GFP White Light + CFT; 3D CFT
* DRG; ** Heart

Example: Visualization of Cell Intake

Intrasplenic Cell Injection

Findings: CFT was used to visualize labeled cell intake into tissue.




  • Cell tracking by fluorescence labeling is a critical aspect of cell-based therapies, such as CAR-T and regenerative medicine.
  • In preclinical research, cells are administered systemically or directly in target tissues, and localization is evaluated using in vivo or tissue imaging.
  • In this example, proprietary cells were labeled with commercial QTracker 800 (ThermoFisher) and injected into mouse spleen.
  • Primary pellet observed in the spleen and a secondary pellet in the liver

CFT Application in Large Animal Tissue

Because Xerra works in large formats, CFT has strong applications for anatomical RGB white-light and fluorescence imaging in large animal tissue, including NHP, Bovine, Porcine, and more.

Bovine Eye: Anatomical RGB White-Light
Bovine Eye: White-Light + Fluorescence
Bovine Eye: GFP-Channel Fluorescence
Bovine Eye: 3D Fluorescence
Porcine Heart: Anatomical RGB White-Light
Porcine Heart: Fluorescence
Bovine Brain: Anatomical RGB White-Light
Bovine Brain: Fluorescence

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