Our Story

EMIT Imaging is the leading manufacturer of Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) systems and provider of CFT services for the global bioresearch market

Cryo-fluorescence tomography (CFT) was born out of the need to better visualize drug distribution and protein expression (PK/PD) in whole-animals at high resolution and high sensitivity. Following developing a prototype system and demonstrating the vast potential of CFT, EMIT Imaging, Inc. was spun out of Invicro, LLC in 2018. EMIT designed and manufactured our flagship product, XerraTM, a fully automated preclinical imaging platform, and launched the first-generation production system in 2019, making CFT more accessible to the research community. In 2022, Xerra received CE mark, demonstrating the quality of our engineering and production, and easing global access to this innovative technology.

We developed CFT and Xerra to help preclinical researchers discover more while complementing existing imaging workflows. Applications of CFT span drug discovery and delivery, oncology and immunotherapy, gene and cell therapy, neuroscience, and beyond. EMIT Imaging is driven to develop innovative CFT applications, systems, and software that meet our customers’ and collaborators’ needs. We are working hard on feature enhancements, workflow optimization, and data science tools that further the utility and useability of Xerra and the expanded CFT applications. EMIT Imaging is installing Xerra systems and offering outsourced CFT research services to pharma, biotech, and academia globally. The company is based in Baltimore, MD, and Boston, MA.

Our Mission & Vision

EMIT Imaging is transforming volumetric, molecular preclinical tissue imaging from image to insight

  • We are pioneering imaging instrumentation that is well characterized  scientifically and technically, meets the demand of our customers and the market, and provides robust data that is interpretable and actionable.
  • We are a solutions company. We apply cutting-edge engineering, imaging science, and manufacturing to the creation of hardware and software that improve 2D and 3D biomedical visualization.
  • We create new solutions for tissue imaging and analysis. We are providing new insights into disease biology, drug distribution, protein expression, and drug treatment in preclinical research.
  • We will leverage our customers, our advisors and investors, and our own ingenuity to improve our products, solutions, and knowledge. We will use all information available to make research products that improve science and translate those learnings into clinical products that improve medicine.
  • We are a company that values our employees, their time, well-being, and opinions. We believe that together we will succeed.

Our Values: We are an EPIC Team

Excellence: we are integrous, thorough, and accountable both personally and collectively; biased to action while maintaining the highest degree of personal and scientific excellence


Positivity: we always look for the bright side; we see the opportunity in every problem; we are truthful and believe the best about each other in all circumstances; we win and have fun together!


Ingenuity: we are clever, original, and inventive solution finders; we approach problems with curiosity, creativity, and urgency; pioneering technologies that advance science and medicine.


Collaboration: we steward customer and coworker relationships; we are one team, each contributing a valuable, essential, unique perspective; we treat customers as trusted partners, continually improving our product to meet their needs better.


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