Emit Imaging

Xerra Applications

Model Characterization

A colorectal tumor model (Fabp1-Cre+ mT/mG+ Pik2Ca*+ ApcMin/+ ) was imaged to evaluate EGFP expression. EGFP signal represents high expression of PI3K. TdTomato expression represented in fire scale shows Cre expression. Images are reconstructed into 3D structure so that the data can be visualized in various orientations. Specimen was frozen and imaged using a cryosection thickness of 25 microns.



A rat was intrathecally injected with 400μg PEG909-ZW800-1 in 30μL saline at time zero, and intravenously at 50 minutes with 400μg PEG909-ZW700-1 in 250μL saline. The subject was sacrificed at one hour and the left kidney was resected. The samples were frozen and imaged using a cryosection thickness of 25 microns. Vascular structure shown in red was determined from white light segmentation and overlaid in the figures for assessment.


Xerra supports most any fluorophore and a large range of sample sizes to enable a large diversity of applications. From individual organs to larger rodents, Xerra can automatically image samples at high resolution to provide comprehensive 3D data sets.

XerraConfigurable White Light and Fluorescence Imaging

  • Fluorescence excitation via narrow band, high power lasers for wavelengths from 470-780nm
  • Narrow band emission acquisitions in wavelengths from 500-850nm
  • Auto exposure and bracketing for large dynamic range data collection

Flexible Sample Imaging Parameters that Allow a Range of Fields of View and Resolutions

  • Single or multiple specimens in a format up to 22cm x 12cm x 8cm size
  • Maximum Field of View: 24cm x 14cm
  • Minimum Field of View: 8cm x 5cm
  • Inplane Resolution: 30μm x 100μm
  • Section thickness: 10μm to 50μm

XerraOnboard Data Handling and Study Monitoring

  • Onboard computer and touch screen displays
  • Real Time slice by slice QA to ensure data integrity
  • System supports manual section collection
  • Refrigerated chamber operating at -20o C.
  • Monitored waste bin for easy clean up and status of the waste accumulations

Data Visualization and Analysis

  • 3D reconstruction software
  • VivIDTM full resolution data viewing package
  • Supports VivoQuantTM packages for analysis

Emit enables discovery by bridging the gap between in vivo imaging and histopathology. Our technology uniquely combines high resolution imaging with a whole body comprehensive 3D data set. This technology can dramatically increase the value of each sample in a multi modal study. Invicro software platforms (iPACS® and VivoQuant™) are integrated into the system for 2D and 3D reconstruction, imaging analysis and file management.