When incorporating CFT into longitudinal studies, we can visualize and compare biodistribution of a test article over various time points. Data can be easily segmented in up to 108 regions using the 3D brain atlas tool.  Data can be represented as an image time course or as a time course plot.

A fluorescent test article was administered to 6 rodents. At various time points neuro tissue was collected and analyzed on our mice Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography platform. After tissue sectioning was completed images were reconstructed in to 3D volumes. Using VivoQuant’s brain atlas tool 13 regions of interested were generated for the 6 time points.

The CFT platform allows for real time visual feedback during tissue sectioning. In this study the operator was able stop the process and collect a tissue section for down stream  processing. Tissue can be collected on glass or on tape. The collection process is dependent on the downstream application as well as the size of the tissue section.