About Us

The Emit Team

Mat BrevardMat BrevardConnect on LinkedIn
Co-Founder and CEO

Mat has been in the imaging field for two decades, starting in academic research and then transitioning to industry. Mat has participated in and led the launch of numerous imaging technologies in the clinical and research fields with several patents and several approved medical devices to his credit. Mat has also participated in many M&A projects. Previously Mat has held numerous senior management positions including Vice President at Bruker and COO at InsightMRI. Mat has a host of publications and abstracts to his credit.

Mohammed FarhoudMohammed FarhoudConnect on LinkedIn
VP, Sales & Marketing

Mohammed is a scientist trained in medical imaging, who takes an application driven approach to the development, commercialization and support of medical imaging devices. An entrepreneur driven by the scientific community to create innovative devises that enhance and complement the best practices in medical imaging. Previously Mohammed held positions at Sofie in Product Development and at Siemens in Application support.

Steven ToddesSteven ToddesConnect on LinkedIn
VP, Engineering & Product Development

Steven is an innovative engineer  who uses modern materials and modern design theory. Steven takes a broad approach to subsystem and part design, considering not just narrow specifications, but the total functionality of a product including manufacturability and other DFX attributes. Steven believes a well designed product will feel like an extension of the user and not just a tool. It is Steven’s goal to make the most technically sophisticated equipment feel organic and natural, as if no engineering were done at all.

Jieyu WuJieyu WuConnect on LinkedIn
Electrical Engineer

Jieyu is an electrical engineer who uses his training to innovate and design electrical subsystems and software. Previously, Jieyu worked on designs related work for a defense contractor involving data processing, developing systems diagnostics software, and guidance communications technology.